Hi, welcome to Visual Trumpery, a lecture tour that will take place between the Fall of 2017 and mid-2019. My name is Alberto Cairo. You can learn more about me in my personal blog, and download a draft of the tour flyer here (PDF).

I foresee that, depending on your political leanings, your expectations for this lecture tour are diametrically opposed. If you are a liberal, you’re likely prepared to enjoy a tirade against right-wing politicians. If you are a conservative, I bet you’ll be ready to get outraged by an unhinged leftist ranter.

Sorry to disappoint you. The very title of my talk is an example of its content. It’s intended to trigger your ideological defenses and trick you into believing what is not so.

The English word “trumpery” means worthless nonsense, something that is showy and deceitful at the same time. Trumpery can occur in text, verbally, or visually. This non-partisan talk focuses on the visual, examining misleading charts, graphs, and data maps designed by individuals and organizations from across the political spectrum.

I’ll use these examples to equip you with a solid understanding of “graphicacy,” the term I use to refer to visual literacy. I believe a literate, numerate, and graphicate citizenry is the best antidote for a world where trumpery runs rampant.

Join me in the fight against it.

For future dates, please follow me on Twitter: @albertocairo

In the Fall of 2018 and the Spring of 2019 I’ll visit North Carolina (NC State, Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Davidson College), Nashville (Vanderbilt University), Pittsburg (Carnegie Mellon), San Francisco (Santa Clara University), Lisboa (Portugal), Denver, etc.

Since 2018 I delivered the lecture in Barcelona (Spain), Mexico DF, Atlanta (GA), Portland (OR), New York City, Ithaca (NY), Redlands (CA), Berkeley (CA), Dallas (TX), Luxembourg, Boston (MA), Providence (RI), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, Penn State U., Chicago (IL), Auckland (New Zealand), Quebec City (Canada), Los Gatos (CA), London (UK), Oslo (Norway), Ispra (Italy), Lausanne (Switzerland), Zurich (Switzerland)